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Hi, I’m Ashleigh! I work as a fashion stylist and consultant where I get to help fabulous women like yourself get out of your own way of looking and feeling amazing plus saving you a ton of money (and headaches) along the way!


Fashion doesn’t begin with the latest trends, it starts with you.  This step helps to refine your current style to make sure your outfits are a true reflection of you and your personality.

  • Cover the struggles you face when it comes to styling and fashion
  • Tips on dressing for your body
  • Analyze how you’re currently styling your outfits
  • Take a closer look at your lifestyle to make sure we’re creating an image that caters to you and your daily needs + get a better idea of the type of garments and pieces you need


Identifying your personal style and having a wardrobe that caters to it go hand in hand.  In order to pull off the look that you want, you need to have the pieces to make it happen.  This step will help you to break out of wearing the same type of outfits and how to style items you own that you never wear or struggle to style and repurpose.

This consultation is all about shopping from within and creating new outfits surrounding items you struggle to style!

Conducted via Skype (2 hour session or 2 1 hour sessions)

  • During our Skype session, I will help style and create outfits surrounding garments and items (submitted) you own that you struggle to style
  • Identify gaps within your wardrobe that are preventing you from coordinating your looks and getting more wear out of your pieces


It’s time to kiss struggling to look fashionable goodbye! This step I will create a wardrobe list of items that your wardrobe is lacking and getting in your way of coordinating and styling your looks.  From this list, I will select 5 items and online shop for you to give you options to purchase at an affordable price + give you ideas on how to style them with items you already own.

These steps are all about helping you to do better with what you already have! Looking good and being fashionable doesn’t necessarily begin with spending.  With a defined personal style and direction on how to style pieces you own to reflect your actual style, you’ll be creating new and more outfits in no time.. without having to shop to make it happen!


Receive two of my fashion/style eBooks that will help to improve your styling and coordinating outfits!


Includes a two part consultation questionnaire and 1-2 Skype sessions.  Prior to the wardrobe consultation, you will need to submit photos of garments/items within your wardrobe that you struggle to style/would like me to create outfits for.

More details will be provided after you book your session.


3 payments of $198

First payment needed to initiate services, remaining two payments to be paid within 45 days after first payment.


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