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Are you ready to breeze your way through winter in style?


Does a change in seasons make you feel:

- Overwhelmed; trying to make sure you have the right pieces for the new season so you're not having to constantly shop is such a daunting task that you try to avoid, but can't.


- A little anxious; with the colder weather how can you still pull off a stylish look under the layers and so you're not freezing.


- Stressed; you have no idea on where to shop and how to spend?


Well, that all ends right now.

Winter Is Here And You Already Have The Right Pieces + Outfit Ideas That'll Get You Through The Entire Season


With a winter wardrobe of 36 pieces - clothes, shoes and garments handpicked for you and ready for you to shop, you have the perfect mix of casual and dressy pieces that'll carry you through winter with outfit ideas that will work for a casual day out, in the office to a night out with your girlfriends.  No stressing on what you need or wasting time shopping around for them.  


Instead of struggling to put together your outfit each morning, all you have to do is pick an outfit from the style guide and you're all set.  Quick, easy and you're guaranteed to look and feeling amazing!


Your winter style starts here.

Winter Staples


Step Up Your Winter Style!

Winter Staples

Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook
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This 35-paged eBook Includes:

- Winter Wardrobe Capsule Guide: 36 pieces + the exact items to shop

- 192 outfit ideas both casual and dressy

- Wardrobe Visual List categorized by "dressy" and "casual" to help you easily pair your outfits

- Outfit Building guide with different equations to dressing up casual pieces and dressing down dressier pieces

Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook
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Hi, I'm Ashleigh!

A few years ago I was guilty of being the constant shopper to update my wardrobe with new pieces thinking that was my only way to have new outfits.  I'd always struggle with being able to mix and match my pieces, so shopping was my only option.  After realizing the damage I was doing to my bank account, I knew there had to be a better way to be fashionable without always needing to spend.

I simplified my wardrobe and created a more functional space by taking the time to invest in my basic pieces so I'd easily be able to restyle my clothes to create new outfits.  I use to spend thousands of dollars each year trying to keep up with being fashionable and now I only shop if I want to.

My basics have allowed me to master shopping from within!

This eBook is your roadmap to a more fashionable lifestyle the budget-friendly way!




Is this product refundable?

Due to this product being a digital download, refunds will not be issued.

How is this product delivered?

Your eBook is emailed to you immediately after you purchase as a PDF file.

Are the shopping picks expensive?

Nope! Totally affordable. Prices range from $20 and up from online retailers; such as, Nordstrom, H&M, GAP, Express to Old Navy.

I don’t live in the U.S., can I still use this shopping guide?

Double check on the retailer's website regarding their shipping policy. Most retailer’s offer international shipping, some may not.

Are there only a few shopping picks for each basic?

Nope! There are a variety ranging in style, fit, length to color.

What will I receive?

You will receive an email with one PDF file to download - Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook.