When you hear the word branding, you may either be thinking – ehhh, I don’t need to worry about that or it’s not important.

If you’re looking to blog, build a business, attract customers and clients, work with brands, launch an online shop, build an online presence.. You need to have first branded yourself.

Branding yourself is more than having a logo and identifying your design colors and theme.

Your brand is your identity.

Your brand provides you clarity on the type of content you’ll create and share.

Your brand will give you direction on how to market yourself and to who.

Your brand and how you present yourself is what attracts an audience.

 When you’re not clear on your brand, then who are you marketing yourself to?

Have you ever seen someone posting quotes and memes yet their selling fashion?

Have you ever seen someone posting collage photos of an outfit they put together and expect clients to come rushing in?

Do you ever get confused when you visit someone’s website or social media pages and have no idea what the hell they’re offering?

If someone is not able to identify what you do within 5 seconds of scamming your pages and website, you’re not clear on your brand.

 A Confused Mind Doesn’t Often Convert.

When you’re not clear on your brand, you’re only making it harder for you to build a loyal audience of followers, customers, clients tobrands.

 A confused mind 9 times out of 10 won’t check back for you.

 When you skip branding your business, you’re only creating the beginning of missed opportunities.

Question to ask yourself: do you know what your brand is and how you are going to use that to position yourself? With a handful of blogs launching every single day, you need to be clear on your angle, and this all starts with your brand.

In Define Your Fashion Brand online workshop, we break down your WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW and STYLE.  These are the elements that help to define your brand and bring it life.  This is what helps you to create a brand that stands out, not look like what everyone else is doing.

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hi, I’m Ashleigh!

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Launching has been one of the best things that has happened to me <3

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