So, you’re looking to start your fashion website?! As exciting as it is, it’s also nerve-racking at the same time, right?

 From trying to decide what to do first, what to do next, and exactly what all needs to be done leaves you confused and left accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Surprisingly enough, designing your website is not the first step.


In a world wide wide full of blogs, you’ve gotta figure out exactly how you’re going to stand out to position your blog to grow and attract an audience.


Before you get to the design process, there are so many little behind-the-scenes to do’s that need to be done to get your blog (soon-to-be-brand) up and running.


You always hear about launching but rarely hear how to launch.  To make it easier for you, I’ve created a checklist of everything you need to do during the pre-launch stage of building your blog and brand.  Don’t worry if the word ‘brand’ is confusing for ya, we’ll cover that as well.


It’s time to start turning those ideas into actions.  Click below to grab your checklist!

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