Did you know you end up spending more money on clothes and getting less wear out of them when your wardrobe lacks the basic pieces?

Not only are you settling on a style that isn’t you, you’re going broke trying to fix it.

Where you’re going wrong: (A) Thinking your basics are too basic so you don’t need them (B) It’s too expensive to add them in (C) You’re thinking their just a basic tee, LWD to black blazer so they’re not as important because you probably wouldn’t wear them as much.

As you know in fashion, there are always options.  And your wardrobe needs just that!

7 signs your wardrobe lacks the basics:

  1. You have a closet full of clothes but you’re always wearing the same outfits
  2. You’re not able to create new outfits around pieces you own
  3. You struggle with putting an outfit together
  4. You buy new pieces and either wear the item one-time or never
  5. Your answer for new options is shopping and spending money
  6. Your wardrobe lacks variety
  7. Getting dress and feeling put together is a struggle

Why you need your basics:

They help you avoid a one-time wear

They allow you to get more wear out of the pieces you have and are struggling to restyle

They save you money so you’re not constantly shopping

These are the pieces that you can add to any outfit to make it feel more polished, casual to put together

They add that versatility to your wardrobe because hello! you can pair them with anything you have and you’ll have an outfit!

Now, here’s the process:

Wardrobe Basics | THEDAILEIGH.COM

Wardrobe Basics | THEDAILEIGH.COM

Wardrobe Basics | THEDAILEIGH.COM

Wardrobe Basics | THEDAILEIGH.COM

Are you ready to get started? Wardrobe Build: Laying the Foundation eBook takes you step-by-step!

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