Branding is one area that confuse many and often goes skipped.


So let me put it to you this way:


Do you plan on launching your own website?

Does your goals include attracting and building an audience?

Are you looking to create income from your biz?


If yes, then you’re looking to build a brand, not just a website, online shop or blog.  But a brand.


A strong brand has the ability to move, influence and inspire others to take action whether that be subscribing to your newsletter, purchasing your latest product, reading your blog posts, following your social media pages to investing money into your brand because they trust not only you but the content and quality of your brand.


It’s your brand and presentation that allows you to begin attracting your crew of people!


Stop thinking you don’t need to brand your biz and thinking results are just going to come.  They won’t.


Stop wasting your time on vague strategies and implementing ideas that don’t create results.


If you’re saying, “I want to start my blog and inspire others.” That’s what majority of people online are trying to do, so how is your brand any different – matter of fact, how are you going to brand and position yourself to stand out?


Whether you’re in your beginning stages or have already launched, this step is one you can’t avoid.


If you want to build an audience of people who want to invest in you, not just follow and never pay attention to anything you offer on your website,

If you want to be able to create content that attracts your target audience,

If you want to be able to grow and monetize your website,

Define Your Fashion Brand workbook is going to help you build the foundation of your biz.


It’ll be harder to hit your goals when you don’t know how to do it or who’s going to rock with your brand.

Order and download Define Your Fashion Brand workbook HERE

Or, get it for free along with a bunch of other freebies when you enroll in Launch Your Fashion Website online course.

Below are the freebies you’ll receive when you enroll:

  1. Define Your Fashion Brand workbook
  2. Primp & Prep: setup your coming soon page and email list to begin growing your audience as you’re building your brand and website
  3. Content Strategy workbook: learn how to create content that’ll attract your target audience + opt in topics (examples include personal style blog, if you’re selling a product to offering a service), plus the type of content and visuals to share across your social media platforms (with tips on free online resources to use to create them!)
  4. Content Strategy planner: Stay organized, track and plan the content and visuals needed to market your content on your social media platforms.
  5.  Grow Your Biz On AutoPilot: Email Automation workbook: learn how to set up your opt in’s to automatically send once a subscriber joins your list.  Plant the seed then allow Mailchimp to do the work for you.

Launch Your Fashion Website online course:

  1. Walks you through the design and setup process on a WordPress website with pre-selected themes.
  2. Elements of photography for a fashion website + the type of photos to capture to help market your brand
  3. Create, diversify and monetize your content and social media channels – no product or service needed to start making a little cash.  If you want to share more than personal style posts, I’ll show you to to create those stunning collages.
  4. How to market yourself on social media + other online fashion communities to help grow your brand

Click here to read all the details and enroll!

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