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Living The Fashionable Life On A Budget.

Join hundreds of women and learn how to stop

settling on a style that isn't you.



The Daileigh EDIT

- a private members-only website designed to help you finally create a style that you love.

This website was made for you, especially if you've been held back by confining yourself to the same outfits and restricting yourself to certain styles because you're not sure how to dress yourself. 

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing the look you want but you're unable to pull it off.  Add to that the sense of feeling defeated because no matter how many times you've tried, you're feeling that settling on a style that isn't you may be your only option.

Hi, I'm Ashleigh Hutchinson, as a fashion consultant and the creator of style eBooks designed to providing styling guidance for women, this frustration of yours is close to my heart.

After hearing from hundreds of readers that struggle with the same issue, I've discovered the core issues to your problem:


You're about to learn exactly how to be a more fashionable you, the styling tricks that'll make it easier for you to put together stylish looks that work for your age and have you prepared for any occasion with the techniques to get more wear out of your clothes without always having to shop.


What You'll Get

Access to a private website that delivers weekly fashion tips that help you navigate through the current season (Fall), the styling tips, tricks and guides so you're able to elevate your style and wardrobe and confidently pull off a fashionable look that'll carry you on and off the clock.

EDIT is your stress-free guide to living your true style filled with outfit ideas, shop guides, how to and what to wear guides to e-magazines.

How It Works

- Fall Fashion Only:

Signing up gives you immediate access to Fall content through December 20, 2017 (last day of Fall).

- Fall and Winter Fashion

You will have access to Fall content through December 20, 2017 and receive access to Winter fashion starting December 21, 2017 through March 19, 2018.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is membership a monthly charge?

No, it’s a one-time fee. Your membership will give you access to either the fall content or fall and winter (when winter content is released in December 2017).

If I purchase fall content only, will I have to pay again for winter?

Yes, your credit card information is not stored or automatically charged. You will have to pay to access the winter season content.

What age group does the content cater to?

20’s - 70

If I don’t join The Daileigh EDIT, will I still be able to see the content on your social media or The Daileigh blog?

No, the content shared throughout The Daileigh EDIT will only be shared on The Daileigh EDIT.

Once I sign up, how do I access the website?

You will receive information to access the website immediately after purchasing.