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Do you ever feel like your outfits are too plain and boring?


You’re thinking to yourself - I don’t want to wear a bold color, print or statement piece, so what are your options in this summer weather? This is where you get stuck and stick with the same ole’ outfits.


By adding on a simple layer you can instantly update those “plain and boring” outfits.


Don’t be fooled by a change in seasons, layering is an all-year thing.  


Maintain a diverse and versatile wardrobe in the summer, rather than sticking to just tanks, maxi dresses, and shorts.

Of course, avoiding those thicker fabrics will help ease into adding on a layer but with a change in how you style your look, you can easily pull off without succumbing to the heat.


Styling With Layers eBook takes you step-by-step to coordinating your summer outfits with an added layer!



You'll learn:

  • How to coordinate your look and create balance 
  • Creative ways to update and style pieces you already own
  • How to pull off layers that range in style and length
  • Outfit ideas that can work on and off the clock
  • How to coordinate shoes with your look


Page count: 26

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Meet The Author!

Hi! I'm Ashleigh Hutchinson, I work as a fashion consultant and I'm the founder of The Daileigh, where I teach women how to feel and look their best through their choice in fashion, minus the stress, headache, and constant spending. I teach women how to exude confidence through their personal style. Through my eBooks and webinars, I have been able to help thousands of fashionistas stand out and truly become their own personal stylist. Fashion is not about how much you spend, or how much you have, it's about knowing how to work with what you have, to create what you want. And that's what I am here to show you.