Mother Nature has been extremely petty over these last couple of days, one minute we’re enjoying early-spring weather to now, snow.  Sighhhhhhhh.  So over this extremely cold weather and looking forward to escaping to warmer weather and palm trees this weekend!

A casual style is what I live for and making garments wearable and practical for my day-to-day is what I do! Aka, maximizing! If theres a garment that most would think of as, “dressy” or “casual” those labels don’t really exist in my books.  I’ll take any garment or item and style it to fit any occasion or event.

The power in learning how to utilize your wardrobe and maximize your options.

This simple grey bodycon dress can easily be confined to “night out” wear only, says me, never – the key is knowing how to dress up and dress down your garments and what items to add to your look to pull it off.

Also, I’m wearing this dress backwards for that front slit action – it’s all about getting creative with your wardrobe and styling.




Styling prints doesn’t have to be so dramatic and as drastic as you think.  Yes, this simple LGD (little grey dress) would have been fine on it’s own, but it’s the // plaid coat // and // leopard clutch // that help to not only elevate the look but also to incorporate my personal style and personality into it.

These two pieces help to make the look more me and my outfit stand out.

No one wants to blend.

By the way, did you catch my post where I’m sharing with you a ton of styling tricks on how to work plaid print into your wardrobe? Read it here

Prints don’t have to overwhelm your look when you’re clear on how to style them.


Nothing like a pair of // Timb’s // to top off a look, // Timb’s // along with any other flat can be made chic.

It all falls down to how you style your look, don’t sleep!



Could you use some help in the styling department? Are you trying to slay in style all day, everyday // join the crew // and gain access to my library of free resources of styling tips,  PS.  This is frequently updated with new stuff.   Come slay with me! // join the crew //

xx, Ashleigh



  1. I just joined your website and i’m new to this blogging business. At one time i was following you and then I lost your name.I then found you again recently on your sisters blog (didn’t know you guys were sisters). I just love how you style things and their very daring. Between you and your sister you both have inspired me to keep going. I started to pair up with my friend and fellow blogger with her business to start styling. Hopefully one day I will be on your level. Thanks!!!!

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