Is an online webinar your preferred way of learning how to dress?

In the past, I offered a 5-week course that taught everything from:

Building A Wardrobe

Maximizing Your Wardrobe

Styling Prints

Complementary Color Pairing


Building Outfits

How To Shop: Invest vs Save

Plus the option to complete assignments for one-on-one help to fine tune your styling (which was optional).


Do you want me to bring this type of webinar back?


If, yes! Cast your vote! Please click below to sign up for updates on if this course will make a return and to let me know what you'd like to see covered if it does.

Or, would you rather learn through eBooks or a members-only website? If yes, checkout these options:

Feedback from past style webinars:

In a matter of weeks I’ve learned how to express myself through my choice in fashion and be able to reflect a style that shows off my personality!
I have received so many compliments since taking your class.  It’s amazing what a few weeks can do!
This seminar has helped me to be more confident with bold colors and prints.  People have been complimenting me on my new confidence.  It has helped me to match my wardrobe to my personality!
I like that you gave us feedback on outfits because we had to look for items ourselves.  This helped me to make a critical eye for picking out pieces.
You have inspired me to not only think outside the box but to have a better understanding of pairing and complementing attire for any occasion.