I like to refer to a “fashion blog” as a fashion website, for the simple reason – there is more to it than blogging and posting content.  Running a fashion website comes with a lot of responsibilities that you may not even think of.

Taking photos and posting about your personal style only makes up a small percentage of what goes into running and maintaining a fashion website.

If you’re interested in fashion and want to show off your take on it,

Looking to break into the industry,

Looking for a way to build up your clientele

Wanting an outlet to showcase your products or services,

Look at your fashion website as your resume, your portfolio.

Your website is your opportunity to create and showcase your skills and talents and share it with the world.

While you may think step one is getting your website up, that actually comes later down the line.

Do you know the type of content you’ll be sharing?

Your brand’s message?

How you plan on positioning yourself to stand out amongst the sea of blogs and websites?

The admin work and behind the scenes tasks that all go into running a website?

Yea, things that may have never popped into your mind.

Throughout this series, I will be taking you from start to finish.  From the small admin tasks that you need to handle (series), how to brand yourself (online workshop) to creating , launching and growing your website (online course).

Topics covered throughout this series:

Setting up your WordPress account

Setup and domain purchase


Creating custom contact info

Tips on just starting off

Defining your brand’s who, what, why, how and style – online workshop

Design + build out your WordPress website, how to create, diversify + monetize your content, 4 elements of photography for a fashion website, growing your audience to marketing yourself – online course

This series will prep you for the bigger tasks and make it easier for you to navigate through each step without missing a beat and without struggling on how to figure out your next move.

If you’re serious about building your online presence and launching your fashion website, this is your guide for the non-tech fashionista –  join me in this series!


Read my story on how launching a fashion website completely changed my life: HERE

xx, Ashleigh | fashion consultant + stylist

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