Putting Together Casual Work Outfits

Putting together outfits you can wear at work may not feel as exciting as getting dressed for a day out in your regular clothes, or it feels like another expense. Either way, it’s not something you look forward to. Your work style may feel a little boring, dated or frumpy because you think looking good at work or wearing stylish clothes isn’t appropriate. Or, you have no idea how to wear stylish clothes without feeling like a walking trend. Sticking to your go-to outfits, styles, colors, and prints are most comfortable for you.

If this your approach or you can relate, you’re going about your work style in all the wrong ways.

Let's think about this; you have a closet filled with clothes that you love to wear, correct?

So, why can’t the same clothes be appropriate wear for work?

They can.

Why does putting together casual work outfits have to feel or look boring where you’re only wearing certain styles because everything else feels too dressy?

You can pull off a majority of what you already have in your closet at work.

“Work clothes” only means styling the clothes you love to wear in a way that feels more appropriate for a professional setting. And that’s it. It doesn’t mean you can’t wear certain styles, colors or prints; because you can.

You can pull off a stylish and on-trend look for work with the clothes in your closet or only needing to invest in a few pieces.

And the easiest way to go about doing this is learning how to dress up and dress down your clothes. This way, you can quickly grab an item in the morning and put together an outfit surrounding it with items that will either dress it up or dress it down.

In short, there is no such thing as “too dressy” or “too casual.” Dressing up and dressing down your clothes is an easy fix to that issue.

Let’s take this printed sheath dress as an example:

First glance, you’re thinking, this is way too dressy to wear at work. And while that may be the case, you can put together an outfit that will dress it down. You can style it with a simple tee, casual riding boots, and minimal accessories:

All of a sudden, it doesn’t feel as dressy as you were thinking.

Or, how about adding a casual layer to your dress and pairing your look with flats:

This gives you another way to dress down this fitted sheath dress to make it feel more appropriate for a casual workplace.

How about casual Friday’s at work, when you can wear jeans. That doesn’t have to mean a thrown together or sloppy look.

Knowing which items you can add to your outfit to polish it up will make you feel more confident with putting together stylish work outfits; like, pairing with a dressier top or layer then leaving you to finish your look with either a dressy or casual shoe:

Let’s take a basic tee, who doesn’t have these in your wardrobe? We all do!

And yes, they are totally appropriate for work! And piling on jewelry or dressier items isn’t your only option. You can put together a casual and polished look surrounding a tee:

Adding heels or layering your look with a blazer is not the only way to dress up your outfits. You have plenty of options! Your wardrobe options become endless when you know how to dress up and dress down what you have.

So, when you’re saying to yourself - “I can’t wear this at work.” Instead, you should say, “How can I make this work.”

Knowing how to maximize your wardrobe options allows you to dress up and dress down everything in your wardrobe, make it easier to put together stylish looks, eliminate that feeling of needing separate wardrobes and allow you to create more outfits with the clothes you love to wear.

Fall Capsule 2019 eBook shows you how to put together a casual work wardrobe, highlighting a mix of dressy AND casual clothes, shoes and accessories and then breaking down how to use these pieces to dress up or dress down your outfits.

This eBook will show you that a stylish casual work look is attainable, investing in “work clothes” is unnecessary, and you can dress better with the clothes you have and spend less money!

Once you remove that “work clothes,” label you’ll find yourself getting a little more excited to get dressed for work and show off your style. Because there really is no such thing as “work clothes!”

You only need one wardrobe that’ll make you look and feel good - for every occasion or event.