How To Wear Your Summer Clothes In Fall

As one season comes to an end and we’re gearing for the new season ahead - what to wear is one of the top questions on your mind. While investing in a new wardrobe seems like your only option because what you have doesn’t feel like it’ll work for the colder weather; a majority of your clothes will.

Think about those summer pieces you purchased, why do you have to pack them away for an entire year because of a change of seasons? You don’t have to. Most of your summer pieces (depending on where you live) will transition perfectly into fall. And with a few added pieces to your look, your summer clothes will feel more appropriate for the fall weather.

Instead of packing away your money, I mean clothes; continue wearing them until the weather says differently!

Below are the summer items featured in my Summer 2019 capsule eBooks you can wear in fall:

With these items, you can then refer to the 100+ outfit ideas in Fall Wardrobe 2019 eBook and swap out a fall item for a summer one instead. Like below:

You can shop these fall items in Fall Wardrobe 2019 eBook - here.

Remember, maximizing your wardrobe starts within your wardrobe. A new season doesn’t mean a new wardrobe. A new season allows you to wear your clothes differently. Fall Wardrobe 2019 eBook not only provides you with a wardrobe plan for the entire season but outfit ideas so you can transition your summer clothes to fall.