Summer Layers

Layering in hot weather may seem impractical; when it’s 100 degrees outside are you really thinking of adding a layer on top of your outfit? Probably not.

Thick layers; like your denim jackets or blazers may be more practical when you’re indoors with the AC, but in the summer heat - not so much.

Just because summer is here, you can still layer! Instead of your go-to layers; opt for lightweight, airy and breathable fabrics that make layering easy and cool; like dusters, kimonos to ruanas.

The trick with wearing these loose-fitting and sometimes oversized styles is your proportions. If you’re not putting together a balanced look and adding a loose fit over your outfit; you can easily create a frumpy look. You can have to keep the style of both your top and bottoms and choice in shoes in mind when creating a balanced and proportionate look.

Sound complicated? Probably. There isn’t a simple formula that can work for every outfit because there are so many different style options.

The outfits I’ve styled and put together in my summer capsule eBooks are all proportionate and balanced outfits. So when it comes to layering your look, all you need to do is pick an outfit from the guide, throw on your layer, and go!

For all casual summer outfits, check out this capsule eBook - here

For a mix of casual and summer outfits, check out this capsule eBook - here

Below you’ll find a round-up of different layers to update your summer look: