Summer Outdoor Outfit Ideas

Summertime means spending as little time indoors as possible. It’s hard not to be outside enjoying the sunshine and hot weather! We spend a lot of time thinking about outfits that’ll work for our day-to-day, but what about those outfits that’ll work for simple leisurely fun?

Whether you’re taking a morning walk, scheduling park playdates, gardening, running errands or grabbing coffee with a girlfriend; sometimes you want an outfit that is easy, relaxed but still looks good. And that’s a struggle for you. When you think of leisure wear; like tees, leggings, and casual shorts; you may feel like there is no way to feel put together.

Why can’t you? Because it’s casual clothes?

That only means you have to be more intentional with the pieces you add to your outfit so you can achieve that pulled together and stylish look.

A change in clothing style doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Loving what you have on can make all the difference in your day and how you feel. Just because your lifestyle may cater towards a more casual and relaxed style or you want to “throw on” something but still look stylish - you can certainly do that!

Casual outfits are just as stylish as any outfit!

While you’re busy adding items to your wardrobe, take a break from your go-to casual outfits, and try something different. You’ll be surprised at how stylish you’ll feel wearing some of the most basic pieces.

Summer Athleisure 2019 Capsule eBook teaches you how to revamp your casual style and feel more confident wearing leisure wear and looking good. The key to pulling off this style is to keep it interesting; this can be your choice in colors and prints to the style of clothes. I like to mix it up, so that casual doesn’t feel boring.

Here is the Summer Athleisure 2019 eBook color palette:

Below are five different outfit ideas from this eBook that’ll work for your summer outdoor activities:

We all have room in our lives for casual and leisure wear. Don’t mix up athleisure with needing to be active, because that’ll keep you stuck in your casual jeans and denim shorts outfits. Whether you’re active or not, athleisure is an appropriate style for all women.

Summer is the perfect time to switch it up - give your wardrobe an update and make your outdoor activities more stylish!

Being able to master wearing casual leisure wear and looking good is a win/win - there is no way not to love this style!