Summer Statement Accessory Combinations

Summer is almost here, so let the fun begin. And by fun, I’m talking about your wardrobe. There is no more hiding underneath layers, with the summer weather, your outfit is on full display. So why not have a little fun?

Statement pieces can often feel intimidating, how can they not when you have no idea how to wear them. Even if you like it, the idea of putting together an outfit sounds way too complicated, so most of the time, you stick to simple and dainty pieces.

Accessorizing plays a huge role in helping your look stand apart. And especially in the summertime, you don’t have your layers to help with that, so this is where accessorizing will feel more important in making your look your own.

Statement jewelry is covered in my Summer Capsule 2019 eBook because, in my opinion, they are must-have pieces.

I mean look at the below outfit as an example. Yes, both outfits look great, but do you see how the statement pieces make the outfit pop that much more? And it doesn’t feel like its too much.

These pieces are available to shop in the eBook as well. While this is a capsule eBook, I’ve created this eBook with a mix of summer colors and prints so you can see how to mix and match with colors and prints that you like.

With that said, below, I’ve created different statement piece combinations that you can take and add to the outfits included in Summer Capsule 2019 eBook. Under each example, you’ll find the links to purchase the items.

Making A Summer Statement

The trick to pulling off wearing statement jewelry is by creating balance - offset a statement necklace or earrings with a more subtle and preferably a neutral-toned piece. Once you begin piling statement on top of another statement piece, you will then be running that risk of creating a trendy look vs. an on-trend look.

Use these examples as guidance and again, the outfit guide within the eBook will help you with how to complete your look.

G: necklace // earrings

H: earrings // necklace

Having fun with your look and feeling fabulous go hand-in-hand. ‘Tis the season to shine, so why not?!