Spring Occasional Wear Capsule

Preparing your wardrobe for the season to come usually entails taking stock of your day-to-day and going through your wardrobe to figure out what you need, what’s lacking and possibly ideas on something new you may want to try; whether that be, a new color, print or a seasonal trend.

Whatever the case may be, we tend to focus more on the essentials that we need most because of what our lifestyle entails. And sometimes that can mean completely neglecting occasional wear for the simple fact that we don’t wear it every day. It’s easy to overlook these essentials until an occasion arises and you then find yourself freaking out because you have nothing to wear. You’ll then spend hours either going to the mall trying to find something (or settle or something) because of the lack of options or overspending purchasing things online because time is not on your side and you have to act quick.

I can recall, last year, my aunt had a spring event come up where she needed a more formal look. She didn’t have any options in her closet. So what happened? She spent hours online ordering several options - dresses and shoes AND running to the mall to do the same thing. In total, she probably purchased 6-10 dresses so she could try them on and decide from there. That’s a lot of time and a lot of money going to waste (even though she returned the items she didn’t wear). This doesn’t have to be you!

Just think, if you add a few pieces to your wardrobe ahead of time, you’ll then find yourself waiting for an invitation that allows you to wear your occasion wear. Instead of going into panic mode, you’ll feel excited and thrilled that you’re finally getting the chance to wear that gorgeous item you bought.

It’s always better to be prepared than panicking and stressing out to find something only to settle on an item you don’t really love.

Below is a breakdown of occasional wear pieces to add to your spring wardrobe to keep you prepared for those spring weddings, outdoor events to bridal showers. And affordable options to shop plus an outfit guide!

Spring Occasional Wear Essentials

This occasional wear breakdown will provide you with different options so you can select the styles that you love best and feel most comfortable wearing. You may already have some of these pieces in your wardrobe, which is great! You’ll now have a better idea of what you need to add to your wardrobe to complete your occasional wear capsule.

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Occasional Wear Outfits

With these essentials, you can easily pull together a look. And here is an outfit guide you can use for guidance:

While you don’t need to buy a complete outfit, you only need to fill in the gaps with a few dressier pieces and mix and match them with items you already have. And if you find yourself shopping for a complete look, it’s possible that your wardrobe is lacking the essentials. And if that’s the case, you’ll also want to carve out time to start adding these pieces to your wardrobe; check out this blog post - here on where to start.

Creating Casual Outfits Around Your Occasional Wear Pieces

Spending money on items to only wear once is what I like to call - wasted money. Unless it’s a gown or wedding/bridesmaid dress; you can always dress down your formalwear to create outfits for your day-to-day without feeling ridiculous.

Remember my saying: maximizing starts within your closet, not spending money!

I’ve put together a mini eBook you can download, free of charge, showing you different ways you can dress down pieces you add to your spring occasional wear capsule:

Even if you do not have any upcoming events, at the moment, you’ll never know when something may spring into your lap. So while you’re spending time investing in pieces for your spring wardrobe, don’t skip over your occasional pieces. And hey, if those invites aren’t rolling in, then you’ll have the mini eBook download to refer to so you can put together casual outfits and wear those occasional pieces you add to your closet. The power in building and maximizing your wardrobe - you’re always prepared with plenty of outfit ideas!