Spring Hair Accessories

What’s accessorizing an outfit without your hair accessories?

While hats are the most obvious go-to hair accessory, there are other styles that are often overlooked. And probably because you just think they will not work for you.

But, like I always say, you always have options. And in this case, if there is a particular style that you like, you can find a way to make it work for you without completely ruling it out.

Accessorizing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to elevate your outfit, add some personality to it and make your look your own.

For spring, there is a style that has made a huge comeback - headbands!

Headbands can almost certainly make you feel as if you’re heading into your Pre-K classroom and the only thing you’re missing is a backpack.

I get it.

This style can definitely feel teeny-bopper, but if there is one thing to note when it comes to fashion - everything old always seems to make a comeback. These comebacks not only allow you to relive some of the trends you use to enjoy but also give you a chance to wear them a little differently. They give you another opportunity to have some fun with your style.

Accessories are always important. But in cold weather, you have layers to not only hide under but to add more excitement to your look. In warm weather, you’re not always wearing a layer so, besides your outfit, it’ll be your accessories that will make your look.

Are you wondering how you make look headbands look good? Just look at Blair Eadie, she has mastered this trend:

Chic, right?

I have already started updating my wardrobe with head accessories, and most recently added this gingham one in yellow. It’s a-mazing!

There are no age restrictions when it comes to headbands; but if you’re looking to pull off this trend in a more polished way, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

ONE: Avoid piling on statement pieces. If you're not used to sporting a headband and are still trying to get use to this style, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm your look with bold prints or colors.

TWO: Rely on your wardrobe essentials. Trying out a new trend is always easier when you fall back on your essentials - your neutral tones. Because even if you’re not 110% confident wearing a headband; with your wardrobe essentials being neutral tones, they automatically help to alleviate that uncertainty of feeling too trendy.

THREE: Avoid heavy accessorizing. A headband, statement earring, and necklace pairing will 100% make you feel too trendy. Less is more. Allow your headband to take the lead with your earrings and necklace being more toned down.

FOUR: Stock up on your wardrobe essentials. These pieces are your fashion lifesavers. When in doubt, wear it with a basic. Whenever you find yourself stressing about what to pair pieces with without overdoing it, you have your wardrobe essentials.

Headbands are one of the accessories covered in my eBook, Spring At Home Capsule 2019. You’ll learn how to put together your outfits, accessorize, update your wardrobe essentials, mix and match your clothes so you can seamlessly pull this trend off and avoid that feeling of heading off to school.

Have a little fun with your spring style! While I was a bit hesitant in the beginning, I am now on board with it. If you start with one and try it out; that’ll help ease you into this style. And if you’re not sure on which color or print, to begin with, I would suggest a neutral tone. So it’ll be easy for you to style it with everything. I have included options to shop in the private online shopping guide that is included with Spring At Home Capsule eBook.

Warm up to this trend. It’s a style that’s going to stick around!