How To Dress At Work

Shopping for new clothes to wear at work may feel little uninspiring, or even pointless. Sure, you like to look good in what you’re wearing; however, when you clock in, you find yourself struggling on what to wear, what not to wear and how to feel stylish without being too trendy.

Taking the safe route and sticking to neutral tones, subtle shades, dainty to minimal accessories is, in your mind, your best bet. Even though you may be bored with wearing the same outfits and sticking to the same colors, at least you know it’ll work. And you don’t need to be 100% in love with what you wear to work because you only have to wear these clothes at work.

Let's say goodbye to this mindset. And allow me to welcome you into the new era where you can love how you look at work, be just as stylish on the clock as you are off the clock and stop shopping for separate wardrobes - clothes you wear at work, clothes you wear when you’re not at work.

We don’t work hard to spend our money wastefully! If you’re investing in new clothes, why limit when you can or can not wear them? Everything you’re wearing at work (unless your work attire is scrubs), can be worn outside of your job as well.

Saying goodbye to winter and breaking away from the cold weather and darker colors, spring is the perfect time to give your wardrobe a much-needed refresher!

While you may already have some of the wardrobe essentials, I have created an eBook that will show you how to update your wardrobe with spring colors, prints, and textures. If you find yourself struggling to put together stylish and on-trend outfits for work, wearing the same go-to outfits and confining yourself to specific styles, colors to print; then Spring Work Capsule eBook will show you how to dress better at work.

Below is a glimpse of the color, texture and print palette for Spring Work Capsule eBook:

Yes, there is a thin line between being on-trend at work and too trendy. Too trendy is what you want to avoid. But you can still achieve a stylish look. The trick to incorporating bolder pieces into your 9-to-5-style is relying on your wardrobe essentials to help create balance and tone down those bolder and stand out pieces. This way, your standout pieces don’t feel too overwhelming, too in your face, and instead, feel wearable and appropriate at work.

Using this color palette, you can then mix and match your pieces to put together more stylish work outfits:

No need to take the safe route; we spend a lot of time at work, why waste that time in outfits you don’t love, wasting money on clothes that bore you?

You don’t have to!

Work hard, play hard… and look fabulous!