Loungewear Essentials

Lounging around the house may not cause for a separate wardrobe, or even thinking about what you’re wearing. But, if you love to look and feel good any other time, then that should certainly apply to what you’re wearing around the house.

No, you don’t need to rush off and start buying all things “loungewear” because chances are, you already have enough options in your closet to put together more stylish loungewear outfits.

I work from home, so my everyday look usually consists of leggings, sweatpants or jogger pants, a tee, sweatshirt or hoodie, and slippers. So focusing on cozy essentials along with my everyday essentials is a huge priority for me. Even if no one is going to see my outfit that day, I always feel more productive when I love what I’m wearing.

If you’re a stay at home mom, work from home, or retired, then you’ll sometimes find yourself gravitating towards this style clothing more often. And that’s ok because you can still look fab!

One of the biggest mistakes I think women make when it comes to loungewear is assuming you can’t look good or label this style clothing as gym-wear only. Most women completely cross off these styles because when they hear the words; like, “active” or “athleisure” they automatically assume it’s not a fit for them.

We all can benefit from this style of clothing. And we all wear clothes to lounge around the house in. Sure, it may have a label that can confuse you, but this style can crossover and work for so many different occasions.

So, if you’re asking if you need these essentials, the answer is yes!

Below is a round-up of some of my favorite and stylish pieces you can wear around the house. While slippers, PJ’s or robes may not be items included in my Winter Active eBook, you can easily mix and match these items and substitute them in for an item for any of the 100+ outfits.

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While these items are deemed as loungewear, a majority of them will work outside of the house. The essentials and outfits in Winter Active eBook help you create casual everyday outfits combining this style clothing with some of your everyday essentials. This eBook will help you update your wardrobe with the essentials with different options to shop.

Forget about that ‘activewear’ label and instead ask yourself do you love to look good, be comfortable and wear cozy clothes?

If this sounds like you, then this style is right up your alley!

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