How To Combine Different Capsules

There are two sides to your wardrobe. One will give you options for your every day; from work, going out, date nights to any dressy or casual occasion in between. And the other will provide you with options that are meant to be comfortable and relaxed for lounging around the house, laid back running errands outfits, gardening, casual outings, outdoor activities to play dates at the parks with your kids or grandchildren.

Both styles have an overlap in some of the clothes, shoes, and accessories, which leaves you with a few gaps to fill in your closet.

However, both styles will lend you plenty of options when it comes to dressing better, whether that be you in or outside of the house.

Do you need to focus on both styles? Ask yourself: what is your style like when you're lounging around the house to running errands? Does it feel sloppy or thrown together? Do you only feel put together when you're outside of the house and rely on the obvious casual outfit pairing - jeans and a shirt?

Then ask yourself, do you want to feel attractive regardless of what you're doing or where you're going?

And if that answer is yes. Then - yes, you want to focus on both.

So, how do you go about doing this? And which eBooks will help with this?

Most of you purchase at least two of the capsule eBooks each season — one for focusing on your core everyday essentials and the other focusing on a laid-back style.

These are the three core everyday essential fall eBooks:

(available here)

Select at least one of these eBooks that match your style and lifestyle best.

While you're updating your fall wardrobe with the essentials, you're also starting to add options to put together your laid-back and comfortable outfits, not even knowing that you're doing so.

Next, it's time to start rounding out your capsule so you can create your laid-back leisure outfits. And that style is covered in the athleisure eBook:

(available here)

One of the frequently asked questions from you guys is - Can you combine clothes from the different capsule eBooks? That answer is yes!

You can mix and match the options in the different eBooks to put together more outfits. Below are a few outfit ideas combining Fall At Home 2019 eBook and Fall Athleisure 2019 eBook:

Same clothes, more outfits!

Another question I get regarding Fall Athleisure is if you don't like wearing leggings; what are other alternatives? You can substitute leggings for ponte pants, yoga pants, or joggers.

If your everyday style is mainly leisure clothes because you may be a stay at home mom, for example, then you should also add an eBook that covers your core essentials so that you have options when you have a night out or options outside of laid-back clothes. The idea to keep yourself prepared, and of course, looking great!

So, if you find that you're still struggling to put together outfits for some things; then consider rounding out your wardrobe with different options.