Winter Style: What To Wear On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day may feel like a reason to shop for that special outfit for your special someone on this special day. But just because another holiday is here, doesn’t mean to head to the mall or online and buy an entirely new outfit. What usually happens when you take this approach, you shop for a complete outfit and either struggle to wear differently to get new outfits from it or after Valentine’s Day, it’s served its purpose, and it will hang pretty never to be worn again.

When you begin transitioning your mindset from I need a new outfit so I have to spend money to what do I already have, how can I wear it for this specific occasion, and what small addition, if any, should I add to my outfit; you’ll begin to see how many outfits you’ve been overlooking in your closet. And, how much money you can save.

Chances are, you most likely have a couple of options that you have in your closet already that you can wear in a more dressier way for Valentines Day. This post will show you how to repurpose some of the old and make new again, or in this instance, more appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

What you need:

Something red or pink - ‘tis the occasion!

Something neutral toned - create some balance.

Something stand out - to elevate your look. This can be anything from statement jewelry, something textured to something more glitz and glam.

From the above, you should already have at least a few pieces in your closet that are in the running for your Valentine’s Day outfit. Use these three key pieces to put together your look with items you already have, and it will show you to see IF you even need to spend money on something new.

Should you need to add an item to your closet, I’ve included items for you to shop.

What To Wear On Valentine’s Day

Outfit #1: select a red or pink dress or jumpsuit from your closet and dress it up with a statement earring or necklace, pair with a same colored bag and balance out the look with a neutral colored shoe.

Outfit #2: I’m sure you have a white top and jeans in your closet. Even if it’s something as basic as a tee or a dressier option; like a textured lace shirt, pair with your denim and use your accessories and choice in shoes to dress up your look and color to add a different touch to it. Because both the top, bottom, and earrings are neutral tones, combining two different colored pieces to your look will not feel overwhelming.

Outfit #3: You have an LBD in your closet, check. Black boots and black bag, of course, you do. Layer this tonal look with a statement piece to elevate your look. Faux fur can appear to be “too in your face,” but not when you’re pairing with an an-black ensemble and a hint of color through your accessories, not so much.

Outfit #4: Select a red or pink top from your closet. If you have a matching layer to go with your top, even better, if you do not, no worries, a neutral colored layer is also an option. Pair this statement combo with a black pair of jeans, a shoe of your choice and bag. Complete your look with a statement piece of jewelry.

Outfit #5: Grab your favorite go-to neutral colored blouse, skip the blue or black jeans and opt for a white pair instead. Elevate this combo with a colored shoe, statement jewelry, and a neutral or colored bag.

Outfit #6: That red skirt that you find yourself only wearing in the office, pair it with a dressy white blouse, boots, and statement earrings to give it a little more pizazz than you usually do in the office.

These outfit combinations surround pieces and colors you already have in your closet. Take the time to invest in building your wardrobe, and you’ll always be outfit-ready. With a few simple add-on pieces, you can easily transition an everyday item and make it feel dressier. Almost everything in your closet can be dressed up and dressed down. So, no, you don’t need to always shop when you need a new outfit, instead learn how to shop from within your closet. And those pieces you’ve labeled as “casual” or “dressy,” remove them and learn how to create new outfits around the same pieces. My collection of wardrobe building eBooks, available here, will help you build a functional wardrobe. And Maximizing Your Wardrobe eBook, available here, will show you how to wear the same clothes differently and how to dress up and dress down everything in your closet.