How To Pull Off An Athleisure Look

Do you love comfortable clothing?

Do you like wearing leggings?

Do you love the idea of being able to throw on “lounge-wear” to tackle your day?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then, the athleisure trend sounds like a style you might like.

Imagine being able to feel stylish in a pair of sneakers.

Wearing sweatpants, jogger pants or sweatshirts and your outfit still feel stylish.

Imagine being able to feel just as stylish in workout clothes as you do in your everyday outfits.

Well, it’s possible.

This style clothing may be coined as “workout clothes,” but whether you’re in or outside of the gym, these pieces are becoming must-have wardrobe essentials.

As much as we focus on our everyday essentials, seasonal staples to clothes for work, active clothing needs some space in your closet as well. And hitting the gym is not a requirement.

Athleisure Style

Athleisure is combining “workout clothes” with some of your everyday essentials to create a casual, sporty yet stylish look:

Whether you’re heading to the gym, running errands, heading to the park with your kids to grabbing lunch with your girlfriends - athleisure style will work.

If you find yourself always grabbing for your jeans when you’re running errands or need a casual outfit, give this style a try. If you can get away with wearing leggings, jogger pants to sweatshirts; why not?

Here are a few key essentials needed to pull off an athleisure look:

In Winter Active Essentials eBook, you’ll have a full list of clothes, shoes, and accessories needed to put together active looks that can be worn in and out of the gym. Plus you get access to a private online shopping guide to update your wardrobe with new athleisure/active pieces. As much as we want to label this style or confine these outfits for specific occasions, these are everyday outfits. The only difference is they are all casual and centered around clothes most women wear when they’re looking to throw on something quickly and rush out the house. While you can still do that, this time, you’ll feel more stylish and more put together. You can read the full eBook details, here.

If you’re tired of always wearing the same type of casual clothes, change it up with an athleisure look instead!