Leggings To Wear In Winter

No wardrobe is complete without casual clothes; sure you’ll have your tee’s and jeans that can easily be those pieces. But when it comes to casual, you also want to have a selection of loungewear items.

Leggings may be the best place to start - (1) they’re simple and can be styled with almost anything, (2) they can be dressed up and dressed down, and (3) they’re super comfortable.

During winter, the thin material may not provide as much warmth as you’d like them to, which could have you sticking to your go-to casual bottoms, jeans instead. But, as always, you have options - leggings with a thicker material.

After grabbing dinner and drinks with girlfriends one night, while walking back to my car, I realized my leggings alone, are not going to make through the season because I was freezing. It felt like my bare legs were showing.

After doing some research, I stumbled across a few different styles to add to my winter wardrobe that’ll do a much better job at keeping me warm - faux fur lined and fleece lined leggings.

Leggings To Wear In Winter

I purchased a pair of black faux fur lined leggings (currently out of stock) , and these grey fleece lined leggings from Anthropologie and wasted no time breaking them in. I felt like I stumbled across a pot of gold because they are amazing and must-have’s! P.S. make sure to read the reviews on sizing, I sized up for both pairs.

Leggings are one of the wardrobe essentials included in Winter Active Essentials eBook (available here) that features a variety of workout and athleisure outfits. And Winter At Home eBook (available here) which shows you how to wear leggings with your everyday pieces:

Do yourself a favor and update your leggings with these winter styles. You can thank me later!

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