Fall Style: How To Be Stylish Without Feeling Too Trendy

Being on-trend and feeling stylish is possible without feeling too trendy and leading you to think your outfit isn’t appropriate.

Incorporating trendy items into your wardrobe is doable, no matter your age or lifestyle. Trends are not limited to certain people. After all, confidence is the best thing to wear.

However, there are a few tricks of the trade to pull off a stylish look this fall and will help you feel more confident in your clothes without going overboard.

t i p # 1:

Invest in your fall basics

Your neutral tones, in a way, are your saving grace. They make it easier for you to add different styles, colors to prints to your wardrobe and help tone down those statement or trendy pieces. Because your basics are classic and timeless pieces, they will easily offset a trendy item and allow your outfit to feel more polished and on-trend than too trendy.

Each season has their own set of basic pieces. These are your foundation pieces for the season that will allow you put together different outfits around your clothes, give you the confidence to wear new things and allow you to transition your clothes throughout the season and create new outfits around the same pieces.

Each season, I create a series of different fall eBooks that help you add your fall basics to your wardrobe and show you how to create a season worth of outfits around the same pieces.

These fall eBooks cover classic and on-trend clothes, shoes and accessories:

Fall Wardrobe Essentials - casual and dressy classic and on-trend outfits (available here)

Stay At Home/Work From Home Essentials - all casual classic and on-trend outfits (available here)

Active + Athleisure Essentials - all casual outfits (available here)

t i p # 2:

Use your basics to create balance

You want to try out a trendy item, but have no idea on how to put together your outfit without feeling too trendy. When in doubt, use your basics.

Pairing a trendy item; like a plaid shirt can quickly go from on-trend to too trendy by opting for a colored bottom and two-toned bag. These small details easily transition your look from feeling on-trend to trendy. A neutral bottom creates a more clean and polished look. And with a neutral bottom, you can go with this solid neutral bag or the two-toned neutral bag.

These 102 outfits I create in my fall eBooks help you achieve that on-trend look while still feeling polished and stylish. Through these outfits, you’ll learn how to coordinate your outfits from the type of accessory to add to your outfit, the color layer to add to the style of shoe to complete your look.

t i p # 3:

Stack in moderation

Piling a statement piece on top of another statement piece is a quick way to feel too trendy. Instead, stack wisely and spread it out. For example, if you’re wearing a statement necklace, skip wearing statement earrings and instead add a statement bag, belt, shoe or garment.

Because this will vary depending on the details of your outfit, it can make this tip a little tricky to follow. So an easy rule of thumb: limit your outfit to no more than two statement or trendy pieces and then complete your look with your fall basics.

Elevate a simple neutral look for a night out with girlfriends or date night with a statement and on-trend jacket and printed shoe. This neutral blouse, pants, bag and simple necklace help tone down these two trends. Piling a statement necklace and bag on top of a printed shoe and layer, overpower the neutral blouse and jeans. Four statement pieces together will create a trendier look even with the neutral blouse and jeans. The statement pieces outnumber them.

In short, it’s ok to add trendy pieces to your wardrobe.

Rely on these fall basics to pull off a more stylish look, effortlessly. No need to confine your style or limit what you can or can not wear. As I stated before - when in doubt, use your basics!