How To Create Different Summer Outfits Around The Same Clothes


- Maximize Your Summer Wardrobe - 


Having a closet filled with clothes isn’t always the best feeling to have, especially when you only find yourself wearing a majority of your clothes.  And when you find yourself stuck wearing the same outfits, you (A) Feel unhappy and less confident with your style or (B) Spend money to give yourself new options.


Adding more options to a closet filled with clothes and nothing to wear only creates more problems for you and more clothes you will struggle to coordinate with the other pieces in your wardrobe.


Most of the time, you already have enough options in your closet, give or take a few basics that you may need to add.  But a majority of the time, you have a closet full of clothes and plenty of options.


Instead of spending money on more clothes, challenge yourself to maximize the options you already have.


Do you have these colors in your summer wardrobe - navy, black, white, grey, tan or olive?


Even if you don’t have all of these colors, having some of these colors instantly provides you with plenty of options.




Because you can wear these colors with everything in your wardrobe.   Your favorite summer skirt that printed dress to that striped blouse you have - these colors are all options you can wear with your summer pieces.


These neutral colors complement one another so you can mix and match these colors to create different outfits around the same clothes.


For example:

How To Dress Better eBook gives you 120 different ways to mix and match your summer neutrals so you can put together new outfits around the clothes in your closet.  Without shopping for new clothes.

Shopping from within will give you more outfits and different options than you’ll get when shopping and spending money.

With a little under two months left in summer, learn how to maximize the options you have.  With these outfits, you can swap out neutrals for your favorite summer pieces, and it’ll be an instant match.

Rely on your neutrals and getting dressed will be much easier for you!