How To Shop At The End Of Summer


As the end of one season nears, you have to start thinking about the coming season and prepping your wardrobe for it; whether that be starting on building your fall wardrobe or updating a few pieces.

I am all for planning ahead and not waiting until the last minute for anything. Getting ahead of the game now is not only smarter but less costly.

With fall just weeks away, I say start on your fall wardrobe now.
Starting now will give you plenty of time to assess your wardrobe and decide what you’re in need of, what needs to be replaced or updated, or items you want to add.  This will also give you a clear idea of the pieces to add to your ‘to buy’ list.  It’ll allow you to map out a budget, prepare financially, and let you start shopping for these items as you come across them now, spending a little here and there vs. spending all at one time.

Stores and online retailers are slowly starting to update their merchandise with fall pieces, and some may even be marked down.  You’re starting to crave the fall season because of all these amazing booties, cozy knits to fall colors that you’re coming across.  If you’re not ready to take the plunge yet on fall fashion, start tracking the items you’re seeing.


A good way to track your finds is by using Pinterest! By creating a board, you can pin all of the items you have come across and wanted to buy to one place, you can then regularly check back to see if (1) they’re on sale, (2) inventory, you don’t want them to sell out, and (3) it’ll allow you to weigh your options.  For example, if you have a pair of booties that you love on one site, search for them on another site, pin those items as well and continue to check both websites.  You never know when an unexpected sale may pop up.  So, yes this will require a little stalking, but hey it saves you money!


Just because summer is coming to an end in a few weeks, fall weather won’t be here for a while.  It’s OK to still shop for summer items because you will have plenty of time to wear them and then you can always transition them into the new season.

Right now, is a great time to be racking up on summer items because a lot of these items are being marked down as retailers are preparing to unload their fall merchandise.  So, those sandals or that dress you have been eyeing... Begin stalking them! (using the Pinterest method covered above), because you never know if they’ll be marked down.


End of July - End of August: you can still shop for all summer items if you want.  You have enough time to get a lot of wear and summer looks in before you need to start styling them differently in fall.  I would also suggest starting on your fall wardrobe.  If you’re not sure what to buy, I’ve laid out the fall essentials, where to buy them and how to style them in my fall eBooks - here.

Beginning of September - Mid-September: fall is just weeks away, but the summer weather is still here.  You can still shop for summer items, but now you need to start taking into account how long you’ll be able to wear them into the fall season.  For example, if you’re buying a pair of shorts, you’ll be able to wear them until the more cooling fall weather sticks.  If you stumble across a sleeveless garment, you can still buy now and transition into fall with an added layer.

Mid-September - Beginning of October: summer shopping is coming to an end.  At the beginning of October, the fall weather begins to make a presence.  At this point, you need to decide if buying a pair of open-toed sandals is worth the purchase.  You may only be able to wear them for a couple of weeks before they are no longer an option.  If they’re on sale, why not.  Even if you can only wear for a couple of weeks, you’ll have a new pair already for your spring/summer 2019 wardrobe.

October: let the summer shopping go and keep your focus on fall.

I can not begin to tell you how many items I have gotten for a steal using this pin & stalk method and waiting until the end of a season to buy them to see if they’re marked down. You can save a ton of money by being strategic with how you spend and planning.  By the time fall comes, you could very well have your wardrobe or majority of it in place without that massive dent in your bank account!

And hey, you have already started adding to your spring and summer collection.  Clockwork!

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