9 Pieces, 13 Outfits - Classic Style

It’s easy to think you need to have a lot of pieces to be able to create more outfits.  But, that’s not the case.  In fact, you can create more outfits with your clothes with fewer pieces when you’re strategically adding the right pieces to your wardrobe.


A large part of your wardrobe should consist of the essential pieces - your basics, core items because you can easily mix and match them with one another and all of the items in your closet.  Instead of spending to create more options, allow your essentials to create them for you.  


If you have as little as nine pieces, you can turn them into thirteen outfits.  Your essentials are classic and timeless pieces that are always in style, each year throughout every season.  Once you invest in these pieces, you’ll be able to put together different outfits around your clothes effortlessly.  Their neutral tones and simple silhouettes make it easier for you to combine these pieces with anything.  


9 Pieces, 13 Outfits - Classic Style


All the pieces shown - clothes, shoes, and accessories, are just a few pieces featured in my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: The Basics.  This eBook focuses on classic wardrobe essentials that you can wear year-round with 140 casual and dressy outfits.


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White Blouse // Bell Sleeve Shirt // Grey Tee // Striped Shirt // Peplum Jacket // Jeans // Black Pants // Pencil Skirt // Black Cardigan


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