Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shop Guide


Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale is here!  Before you hit the site, come up with your shopping plan.  It’s always better to shop with a purpose than to aimlessly shop and buy whatever just because you like it.  That’s how you end up with a wardrobe filled with random pieces that don’t coordinate well with one another.


Having an idea of what you need to add to your wardrobe will prove to be more helpful, enjoyable and cost-effective in the end.


So, what should you buy?


Y O U R   B A S I C S

From reading through my blog posts and eBooks, you’re aware of how impactful your basics can be to your wardrobe and overall style.  When you have pieces in your closet that you can wear with anything, during any season, on and off the clock - being fashionable is so much easier.


Are you missing a few pieces? Or, want to update some of your favorite basics with a different style or color? Now is the time.



s h o p:

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S U M M E R   S T Y L E

We still have plenty of summer left to enjoy our summer clothes and shoes.  And even when summer does come to an end, you can continue to wear your favorite summer pieces in fall (fall eBooks coming soon).  Now is a great time to rack up and update your wardrobe with your summer basics or summer capsule.


s h o p:


F A L L   C L O T H E S

Now is the perfect time to rack up on your fall pieces at a discounted price.  If you like it, buy it.  Who doesn’t love a sale? With the fall eBooks becoming available in a matter of weeks, I will be showing you plenty of ways to get a lot of wear out of your fall piece.   If you have to narrow down what fall pieces to focus on, prioritize the items with the hefty price tags - coats, boots, handbags first then clothes.

s h o p:


When you shop with a strategy, you won’t feel as guilty about what you’re spending.  Because in the end, you’re only saving yourself money *wink.*


The sale ends August 5.  I would recommend acting quick if there is an item you like to avoid it from selling out.  If an item that you’re eyeing does happen to sell out, periodically check back to see if it's restocked.




Happy shopping!