How To Create A Flattering Look Wearing Stripes

As a fashion website that delivers fashion and styling tips, I think it’s also important to start addressing different “rules” that make women feel that they can’t be stylish because of XYZ or have to limit what you can or can not wear.  I have decided to create a series here on my blog that will dispel or break down these fashion myths.


It’s a little disturbing when I read other articles saying women can’t wear certain colors, prints or styles because of their body type.  It’s easy to get hung up on all the different rules.  And trying to keep up with them all makes fashion and looking good seem more like a chore.


I hope these blog posts will make it easier for you to try different styles that you either avoid or have read that you can’t wear.  And if you’re on my email list, you can always request a topic to be covered.


You can wear what you want to wear.  There is always a way to style an item no matter what it entails to make it suit you.  Who’s to say you can’t wear the color red because of “some rule’ or you can never wear A-line skirts because of another “rule.”  What if you love the color red or A-line styles are your favorite? Does that mean you should avoid this color and style forever?


Absolutely not.  Rules are meant to be broken and these fashion rules that tell you no, need to be.


The first on the list: wearing stripes.


How many of you feel you can’t wear horizontal stripes because they will make you look too wide? So your only choice is to wear either vertical stripes or nix this print altogether.


Or, you have to stick to a specific color combo; like all black with white stripes to all white with black stripes.


To be completely honest with you, fashion is not that technical.  It’s not.  Not that much thought is required when you want to pull off wearing stripes.


Yes, horizontal stripes can make you appear wide, BUT you can still coordinate your outfit and use your shoes, bottoms to outer-layer to avoid this from happening.  You always have options!  And knowing how to dress for your body type is key to putting together outfits around anything you choose.


Stripes are a common print you will see featured throughout all of my eBooks.  Like your neutral solid colors, neutral stripes can also be styled with everything in your closet - any color or print.  Stripes are a great place to begin if you’re looking to incorporate prints into your wardrobe for this very reason.  They are easy to style and coordinate with everything you have.  Your neutral prints or just as important as your neutral solid colors.


Let’s break down how to style stripes to flatter your body type:


Balance out horizontal lines on your lower half by creating a streamlined look on the top.  You can do this by pairing your bottom with a fitted top, a loose-fit and wearing it half-tucked or tucked in, and you can also add a layer to any of these options.   Wearing your shirt untucked takes away from balancing out a wider bottom because you’re creating a shapeless look by hiding your waistline.


Wearing a fitted style on your lower half gives you the option to choose any style top of your choice - fitted or loose-fit and wearing it tucked or untucked.  The goal still is to create a polished look and balance out the horizontal stripes; so, stick with a simple solid color or subtle print to pair with your bottom.  Another trick to draw the attention away from your bottom is pairing with a colored top or an accessory; like this printed scarf or pop of color necklace.  These small add-on pieces take the focus away from the stripes and lead the eye up.


S H O P:

Vertical lines create the illusion of length which is a great alternative when looking to balance out a wider bottom or top.  With a fitted bottom, you have the option to style with a fitted or loose fitted top with the option to layer your look.  If wearing a bold colored striped bottom, keep the trick of adding a pop of color on top to lead the eye up in mind.


S H O P:

Anytime you’re wearing an A-line or flared style bottom; you want to avoid hiding your waistline.  Create shape and define your waistline by pairing your bottom with a fitted top or a loose fit wearing it half-tucked or tucked in.


Any style bottom will pair with a horizontal or vertical striped top.  However, you do want to keep the style of top in mind.  This tan/white striped top, in particular, is a loose-fit so pairing with a cropped and shapeless bottom creates a frumpy and unflattering look.  If the top were fitted, this cropped style bottom would be a match, and you could also then add a layer to your look.  The flared jeans work because they are fitted throughout your thighs, this small detail makes it a match with this top.

S H O P:

When you’re coordinating your outfit, you have the direction on what to add to your look and control what you want to focus or how to hide an area you’re looking to conceal.  Going back to my previous comment, you have the power to control this.  With the use of colors, prints and accessories you can do just that.  If wearing a striped dress on its own makes you feel uncomfortable, try adding a colored layer or piece of jewelry.  While a simple add-on doesn’t completely overshadow your outfit, it does help to draw attention.


S H O P:


It could take some practice to get used to, but that is a much better option than completely ruling out specific garments.  How you coordinate your outfits, as you know, plays a large part in creating a look that flatters your body type.  Knowing the style top to pair with a bottom, which shoe or layer works to when should you tuck in your shirt are only some of the questions you face when getting dressed each morning.  The outfits created in my eBooks provide you with plenty of outfit combinations to make it easier for you put together outfits with the clothes in your closet.

Out with the rules, in with the new.  Use these eBooks as your guide to feeling more confident in your clothes.