Summer Outfit Ideas For A Pear Body


Should you tuck in your shirt? Or, leave it untucked?
Should you add a layer? But what layer? And will it look right?
What style shoes should I wear with this outfit?
Will this top work with the bottom?


And these may only be some of the questions you face every time you get dressed.


Frustrating, right?


I have created a guide with over 400+ different summer outfit combinations to make your life less stressful and more fashionable.  With different outfits for the same pieces.  Below are 12 outfits from this eBook, in this 80+ page eBook you will learn different ways to coordinate your outfits, which layers to add, and the style shoe to match with your look to flatter a pear body type.


Confining yourself to certain styles because you “think” you're not supposed to wear something different couldn’t be further from the truth.  This eBook visually illustrates how to make different styles work for you.