Updating Your Wardrobe With Navy


Navy is the new black.


While I don’t feel you need to have a color themed wardrobe, I do think you should concentrate a lot on your neutral colors.  This way you can add any color to your wardrobe and have plenty of ways to mix and match your clothes with each other.


Navy is typically a base color I always include in my wardrobe building eBooks.  Just like your other neutral colors, you can wear navy with anything.  


A majority of the clothes in your closet should be neutral solid colors and prints, so you don’t have to face those issues of never having anything to wear or stuck struggling how to coordinate your clothes with different pieces.


With your neutrals, you can pick any item in your closet and have plenty of items to style it with:



My wardrobe building eBooks provide you with a selection of different neutral colors to help you create a wardrobe customized to your taste.  Some of these pieces shared below can also be found in the shopping guides of the wardrobe building eBooks.


Navy plays the same role as black or any other neutral color.  If you find yourself always wearing black because it’s easiest to coordinate; switch it up and give navy a try!


Update your wardrobe with navy: