How To Wear Shorts In Your 60's

Being a certain age does not mean you have to stop wearing certain styles because in your mind you think they’re no longer appropriate.


Let’s discuss some myths about shorts: Shorts do not only work for younger women. Shorts are not considered casual or leisure wear only. And lastly, not all shorts have to be extremely short and exposing.


If you’re struggling with whether shorts are appropriate for you to wear or not,  They are. Embrace them.


To look and feel your best in shorts, you want to (1) find the best style that flatters your figure (checkout my blog herethat will help you narrow this down) and (2) learn how to coordinate your outfits with the right pieces that will create a polished and put together look.


Here are a few examples and outfit samples included in my summer eBooks:


#1: Classic & On-Trend Summer Outfit


Style your chino shorts with a loose fitting tank, add a lightweight layer and formal sandal.  Skipping statement jewelry will help this look from feeling too trendy, a simple layering necklace would work with this outfit.  A layer is optional but a good solution if you don’t prefer sleeveless tops.


Dress down this look by adding a casual flat.  You can also swap out the ruana for a denim jacket and add a layering necklace to complete your look.


For help with pulling off a classic look with an on-trend feel with outfit ideas for the entire season - check out this eBook, here.  Be able to shop these exact pieces and get the complete guide of 100 classic and on-trend summer outfits.


#2: Classic Summer Outfit


Opt for a bermuda style; it’ll give you more coverage and has a longer hemline.  Add on a loose fitting top and lightweight summer layer (optional).  With this particular outfit combination - a shorter layer will help proportionately balance out the top, bermuda shorts, and flats.


Swap out the layer for a pop of color and add on a heel for a dressier look.

Learn how to pull off a stylish classic summer look, transition your pieces and shop these pieces in this summer eBook, here.


Instead of ruling out shorts altogether, learn how to make them work for you.  For different ways of styling shorts throughout summer, check out my collection of summer eBooks: here.


update your summer wardrobe: