Pants That Flatter All Body Types


Trying to decide on the right pieces that work for your figure, let alone figuring out the styles that flatter your frame best is more of a daunting task than an easy decision.  Most of the time, in an effort, to avoid dealing with this frustration you usually stick to your norm, the styles that you always wear because you know they work for you.


Now that summer is here; this is the best time to update your style and wardrobe.


The Audrey pants that NY & Co carries will flatter any body type, and they’re super chic and affordable.  These pants have a mid to high rise which is perfect for those trying to conceal their stomach and for those women looking to create curves.


Choosing Your Audrey Pant:


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Short frame and pants usually run longer on you - opt for a cropped or ankle style:


Not a fan of a fitted pant throughout - opt for a straight leg:


Curves, hips, thighs? - opt for a curvy style: 


You can mix these styles in with your summer essentials as covered in my eBooks here and have plenty of ways to wear these pants throughout summer whether you dress them up or wear casually.


Wardrobe Building eBooks:

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