How To Create Different Outfits Around Your Clothes


Do you ever just stare at your closet and feel uninspired, frustrated, or underwhelmed with your options?


How is it possible that you can have a closet filled with clothes, but you can never seem to put together outfits that you love?


Anytime you try to wear something different outside of your go-to outfits usually starts with an outfit idea, you trying it on and not loving it, changing in and out of different outfits - too much time is wasting on picking out an outfit, and at this point you’re frustrated.  So what do you end up doing?


Wearing the same outfits that you always do.


The question remains: how can you start working other pieces into your daily outfits?


How To Create Different Outfits Around Your Clothes


Closet Filled With Clothes, Still Nothing To Wear


If you typically purchase things on a whim or impulse, you most likely have a closet full of clothes.  But a closet filled with random pieces to single outfits.  Making it almost impossible for you to mix and match your clothes and wear them differently.


Shopping to shop and buying things because you think you need them or you love them doesn’t always lead to you being able to wear them.


The problem here is - random shopping and not being strategic with how you’re spending or understanding what your wardrobe is lacking will lead to those one-time wears and your struggling to create different outfits around your clothes.


Giving into impulsive purchases from time-to-time is ok, we’re all human.  But if you’re spending money, you want to be able to wear your new items.


Adding new pieces to your existing wardrobe and then creating outfits is always a challenge because you’re not able to style them with pieces you already have.  Because your closet is filled with those random pieces and single outfits.


What usually ends up happening is you either end up spending more money to buy pieces to create an outfit around that new item, or those new pieces sit going unworn.


Not only are you wasting a ton of money but you’re just adding more pieces to your wardrobe that you’ll struggle to wear.  This cycle continues, you continue to be wasteful with your spending, and wearing your clothes differently hardly ever happens.


If adding a few new pieces into your wardrobe would allow you to start creating different outfits around your clothes, make it easier to put together new outfits without shopping, you’d be all in, right?


Let's break down what pieces you need to make this happen.


Wardrobe Revamp


The route of all of your wardrobe-related issues stems from you not having the basic pieces that you can easily style and match with everything in your closet.


And you probably already have some of these pieces, so it’s not a huge investment.  Your basics are extremely affordable and will save you from continuing to spend and waste your money and struggling to wear your clothes different ways.


I’m sure you’re already familiar with some of the basic pieces; such as a tee, denim, to different layering garments.  But they’re more exciting than just a simple white tee.  For every basic, there is an alternative option; from a style, neckline, color, print, length to fit.  There are no concrete or specific styles that you “have” to have.  You’re building a wardrobe that works for you so these pieces should be reflective of your taste.


Your wardrobe basics are the pieces your wardrobe needs to function - you will always struggle with dressing better with the clothes in your closet without (1) your basics, and (2) knowing how to coordinate your basics with your pieces so you can turn every item in your wardrobe into different outfits.


Think of your basics as those pieces that’ll allow you to wear whatever you want to wear.  That vibrant colored blazer you’ve been avoiding because it’s too standout to those printed pants you’ve been eyeing but have no idea how you can wear them and then style them differently.  Your basics will match with everything no matter the color or print.  Giving you the ease and comfort to try different styles.


For every item in your closet, no matter how dressy or casual it is - with your basics, you can dress them up, dress them down, transition your clothes through different seasons, and allow you to stop wearing the same outfits.


I have been showing women how to spend less, simplify their wardrobe, and create a style and wardrobe they love for the past couple of years.  Looking good and feeling good about what you’re wearing isn’t a luxury or one huge expense.


You can turn your style around and completely transform your existing wardrobe with your basics.


My eBook will help you create your strategy to rebuild your wardrobe.  From breaking down the pieces you need, the styles that work best for you, and how to style your basics with the clothes you’ve been struggling to wear and those pieces you wish you could pull off.  Small investments such as your wardrobe basics, will have a significant impact on your lifestyle and image. 


You don’t need to confine yourself to a few pieces when there are so many options that will work for you.


Having the confidence of feeling good about your style, knowing how to put together stylish outfits without always having to spend money, and no longer stressing out anytime you want to look good - there isn’t a price tag you can place on that.

I am a busy professional who always struggles with how to put outfits together that reflected not only my personal style but take into consideration my budget and having pieces that could span seasons. I have purchased several of your eBooks and find myself going back to again and again. Each is full of tricks and tools to provide you with your own ultimate style. I am now more confident in my fashion skin thanks to your ebooks!
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Updating Your Style & Wardrobe


Creating different outfits around your clothes isn’t as out of reach as you thought it might be.  A simple solution, a few investments and you’ll be able to make it happen.


I’ve broken down the basics and show you how to coordinate your outfits by different styles:



Wardrobe Building eBook:

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