How To Build A Classic Wardrobe


Having the right pieces in your wardrobe that align with your lifestyle, reflect your taste and flatter your figure makes it ten times easier to pull off a stylish look no matter the occasion or event.


But, sometimes adding those right pieces to your wardrobe proves to be a challenge, overwhelming and an on-going overspending process.


Having direction on what to buy so you’re not wasting money, where to buy these pieces, so you’re not spending countless hours searching around for them and outfit ideas on how to coordinate your clothes so you’re not stuck wearing the same pieces would make your life much easier.


The process of building a versatile and functional wardrobe is not as complicated and expensive as it might seem.  And I create wardrobe building eBooks to help you get it done.  These eBooks will teach you how to simplify your wardrobe, spend less, and create a closet where you’re able to easily mix and match your pieces to create different outfits around the same clothes.


Being stylish and feeling confident in your clothes is attainable.


And it requires a strategy.


How To Build Classic Wardrobe

Where To Start


The best place to start whether you’re building from scratch or rebuilding to a create a more functional wardrobe is with your basics.


Below are a few basic pieces included in the classic/on-trend eBook which contains sources to shop these exact pieces plus additional styles.  And if you find yourself avoiding sleeveless garments altogether, there’s a better solution for you - add a layer.


How To Build A Classic Wardrobe


The only time you need to place a huge emphasis on a color palette is when you’re adding in basics - neutral solid colors and prints.  Once you have your basics, any color or print will match with them.


You already have clothes in your closet; while you may struggle with styling majority of your pieces, by adding your basics you’ll be able to start creating new outfits around them.  You can style your basics with anything, so you want to have these pieces in your wardrobe.  Whenever you need a new outfit idea or a different way to wear your clothes - your basics provide you with plenty of options.


No need to go splurging on an entirely new selection of clothes, allow your wardrobe basics to create new and different outfits around the pieces in your closet.


Below are my two classic wardrobe basics building eBooks.  These eBooks will help you lay the foundation of your wardrobe so you can add anything you want, and always have options on how to wear your new and existing pieces.  You’ll gain clarity on the pieces you need with handpicked shopping items and different outfit ideas on how to wear the same clothes differently.



Rounding Out Your Wardrobe


Once you start filling out your wardrobe with your basics, you’ll be able to begin wearing your clothes differently and then see what else your closet may be lacking.  


Perhaps colors, prints, lightweight fabrics for warmer weather, or chunky knits for colder seasons?


While your seasonal pieces are geared towards working in specific seasons, I use that word loosely because with your wardrobe basics you can transition your clothes through different seasons and coordinate your outfits to work for the change in weather.


However, as you transition through seasons, naturally, you’ll want to add new pieces.  The bottom line remains the same: creating a versatile and functional selection.  


But what should you add? 


Start with the basics then mix in your colors, prints to trend pieces.  Once you add your basics, it’s fair game.  No matter what you decide to add in addition to your basics, you will have plenty of ways to style your clothes because of them.

Each season I create a series of spring, summer, and fall/winter eBooks that help you add each season’s key pieces, simplify how you’re spending and provide you with a season of outfit ideas mixing and matching items you can purchase in different ways.





Fall/Winter - available later in the year
Spring 2019 - available later in the year.  You can check out Spring 2018 wardrobe build eBooks: here.


These eBooks focus on classic and timeless pieces that you can count on season after season, year after year freeing up your time from constant shopping and prevents you from wasting a ton of money on clothes that you’ll struggle to wear.


Your basics are always in style, keeping you in style all year-round.


And for those times you want to try out a different style, go for it.  Your basics give you that confidence boost to have more fun with your style.