Wardrobe Essentials

Typing into Google - ‘wardrobe essentials,’ you can quickly get a hold of a list of your wardrobe “must-have” staple pieces.  While these “must-have” pieces prove to be helpful for some, their not as beneficial to many other women.

As your life evolves, your style evolves, and your needs change.  Outside of those tan, black, and white staple pieces included on these lists, you don’t get much variety outside of your must-have tee, black pencil skirt, trench coat to black pants.

And for some, those styles don’t work.  But what other options do you have outside of those “must-have” pieces?


How To Choose Your Wardrobe Essentials


Your wardrobe essentials are some of the most critical pieces in your closet because you can pair them with everything you have.  But curating your perfect selection isn’t something these ‘must-have’ lists show you how to achieve.

I’ve created a process that helps you add pieces to your wardrobe that make sense for your lifestyle and style.  Not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.  Because that doesn’t work.  We all lead a different lifestyle which requires different styles that align with that.


What Works Best For You


It’s an easy process rebuilding a more functional wardrobe, and not as time-consuming or costly as you think it may be.

To save time and money, you need first to understand your wardrobe needs before you begin filling in the gaps and pinpointing the styles that’ll make it easier to carry out your day-to-day tasks.

Next, you have to break away from those “must-haves” for all women and think about the “must-haves” that work for you.

Does the color tan not flatter your skin tone?
Do you not prefer a specific styled jacket; such as a trench?
Or, you don’t need to own a pair of distressed jeans because that’s not your style?


There are alternative styles to every wardrobe essential.  


You can still achieve a well-balanced wardrobe even if you feel half of those “must-have essentials’ don’t work for you, through their alternative styles.


Before you begin spending you already know what you need to buy - the styles, colors to prints that will fill in the gaps.  Giving you the focus necessary to avoid wasteful spending and countless hours aimless shopping. 

You’ll have a strategy that’ll make it easier, practical, and more enjoyable to begin creating your perfect wardrobe.


Adding Your Wardrobe Essentials


Your wardrobe can only function when it’s filled with the right pieces.  The styles, colors, prints, and fits that make you feel comfortable and confident.  And with the process I’ve created, it’s easy to pull off.

In my top-selling eBook, Building A Wardrobe: The Basics, you’ll learn how to create the perfect selection of wardrobe essentials that work for you.  

This eBook is not a must-have for specific styles but instead, a way for you to build a wardrobe with the different colors, lengths, styles to prints that align with your lifestyle.  This eBook is all about creating your own rules, not following them.  Because what works for some, doesn’t work for all.

There are different versions of this eBook that cater to both trendy and classic styles.

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