Fourth Of July Outfit Ideas


The Fourth of July is a few days away, while you’re busy making plans, allow me to help you with a few outfit ideas.  Whenever a holiday or special occasion comes around, you don’t need to scramble on what to buy so you’ll have something new or stylish to wear.  Just think about how much money you could save if you didn’t have to spend money each time you needed a “new” outfit.


It’s very convenient when you can just shop from within your closet.  Which is more of a reason to take the time to invest in building a solid and versatile wardrobe.  You’re always outfit-ready!


The below outfits include pieces from both Building A Wardrobe: The Basics and my summer wardrobe build eBooks that focus on a classic and on-trend style.


These eBooks provide you with a selection that makes it easier for you to mix and match your clothes and put together new outfits - without the endless shopping.


So, if you find yourself guilty of spending every time you want something now.  I’d recommend instead taking the time to invest in building a better wardrobe; it’ll save you money and have you feeling more stylish!


Use your wardrobe and summer basics to put together your fourth of July outfit, and if you want to get in theme with your outfit, swap out one of your pieces with a pop of red, blue, or accent with stripes.


 Here are a few outfit ideas for you:


Below are the shopping links for the colored pieces that are not included within the wardrobe building eBooks if you need help adding a pop of color to your closet:

(click the image to shop the product)