Dressing In Your 40's: 7 Ways To Update Your Look


When it comes to feeling stylish and looking put together, sometimes it’s easy to think you need to have a lot of pieces to have a lot of outfits, the only way to keep current is to shop, and the only way to create different outfits in your closet is by spending money.


But, you don’t need to have a ton of clothes or continue to think you have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear.  Most of the time, you lack the wardrobe basics that make it easier for you to mix and match your pieces so you’re able to wear all of your clothes and you struggle with how to coordinate your outfits.  


The clothes you have at this moment can provide you with more outfits than you think.  And again, if you’re struggling to create different outfits around your clothes, update your wardrobe with these essential pieces - here.


Use these tips to give your style a little reboot:


A few simple add-ons can elevate your look.

Shop These Accessories:

Quickly take a look that feels thrown together to more polished and put together by half-tucking your shirt and adding a belt.

Shop These Belts:

Update a neutral outfit with a pop of color.

Shop These Colored Pieces:

Swap out one of your go-to solid colored pieces with a print.

Shop These Prints:

With your wardrobe basics, it's easier to mix and match two different prints without them overpowering your look.

Shop These Prints:

Your wardrobe basics will also make it easier to combine two different colors without them overwhelming your look.

Shop These Colored Pieces:

Break up a tone-on-tone outfit with an added color or print.

Shop These Add-On Pieces:


Update your wardrobe with the pieces that make it easier to be more stylish with the clothes in your closet: