Classic Accessories


Your accessories hold a lot of power when it comes to putting together your outfits.  These simple add-on pieces can elevate your look, dress it up, dress it down, add personality to making your look standout.


We accessorize every day with our handbags at the minimum, giving yourself a selection of different styles from the colors to prints will make it easier to update your outfits.  Swapping out your go-to everyday bag with a different style or color, adding a necklace, or a pop of color to mixing two different colored accessories can make all the difference in switching up your look with your accessories. 


Just think how much time you can save when getting dressed by adding on a few accessories to either give it that casual element you were looking for or to help dress up a look that you feel is a bit too casual.


Below are a few accessories to add to your wardrobe for a classic style.


You can coordinate these accessories with the 100 outfits I’ve put together in my wardrobe building eBooks.  These eBooks focus on the wardrobe essentials that you can wear with anything and the pieces that allow you to wear your clothes in different ways.  With the 100 outfits created,  you'll learn different ways to be more creative with coordinating and accessorizing your outfits.


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Update your wardrobe with the essentials:


Classic Wardrobe Building eBooks:

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