How To Layer In Summer


Come summer, layering your look seems to become an afterthought or something you avoid due to the increase in temperature. Who wants to wear a sweater when it's 90 degrees outside? It doesn’t have to be that way; layering can be done year-round! However, with the change in seasons, you must also adjust how you style and build your looks.


How To Layer In Summer



Layering your look helps add depth and interest, and makes your look more unique. Adding a layer to your look is typically one of the last steps, but layers can also be used as a starting point.


Layers will allow you to maintain a diverse and versatile wardrobe in the summer, rather than sticking to just tanks, sandals, maxi dresses, and shorts. With a change in how you style your look, you can easily add a layer without succumbing to the hot weather.


Balance and material are key to pulling off layering in summer weather.


There are several types of layers like - a utility vest, blazer, kimono, eyelet jacket, ruana, cardigan to cargo jacket that you can add to elevate your look.


In my summer wardrobe building eBooks, you’ll be able to pinpoint different layers that match your style, how to coordinate your outfits with a layer, and how to pull off a flattering look with styling different layers and fits.


You have to take several things into account when adding a layer to your look; such as the fit of under layers, the fit of your outer layer to the style of shoe.   Layering your look requires strategy. Aside from trying to keep cool in the warmer weather, you also want to avoid creating an unflattering look. So you'll need to build your look strategically by knowing how to create balance when adding a layer.  The 100 outfits included in this eBook will give you plenty of options on how to work layers into your summer wardrobe.


Pick your style, shop these layers, learn how to style them: