Summer Capsule For Women That Like A Trendy Style

The warm weather has arrived, your social calendar is filling up, so let’s make sure your wardrobe is filled with the right pieces that’ll allow you to navigate through your summer days effortlessly and stylishly!


This post is a preview of my summer eBook, Summer Capsule 2018 which focuses on adding on-trend summer essentials that provide you with a mix of casual and dressy neutral pieces and two accent colors.  This eBook helps you pull off an on-trend look without being too trendy with 100 different outfit ideas to help you look fabulous for every event and occasion this season.


This eBook is designed to make pulling off the style that you want attainable, fun and easy.  With a selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories handpicked to match your style, you’re able to easily build your wardrobe and have a guide filled with 100 different casual and dressy outfits.


All the items included in this eBook are wardrobe essentials that you can wear in different seasons.  Focusing on your essentials will allow you to mix and match your clothes with each other to create different outfits around the same pieces - saving you money and providing you with plenty of outfits.  And make it easier to add different colors and prints outside of your neutrals.


The best part about focusing on your basics first, is you might already have some of these pieces.  I like to also include alternative styles for your basics to add more variety to your wardrobe. Here are four pieces in this eBook, if you want to add these items to your wardrobe you’ll find a link under each item to shop.


#1: Striped Lightweight Shirt



#2: Off-The-Shoulder Top



#3: Maxi Dress



#4: Espadrilles




Here are four outfit ideas including some of these pieces showing you different ways you can dress them up and down:


Summer Trendy Capsule



All shopping links for these outfits are included in the private online shop guide that comes with this eBook.  This shop guide includes the exact pieces from all 100 outfits and additional pieces that match a classic and on-trend style.


While this eBook focuses on building your wardrobe, you’ll also learn how to maximize your options.  As you’re investing time and money into building a versatile wardrobe, it’s important that these pieces expand beyond one season or one outfit.


For the complete list of classic and on-trend summer wardrobe essentials and 100 outfits - click here.


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Turn 34 Pieces Into 100 Outfits


If you struggle with what to wear every day, how to coordinate your outfits and where to shop - this eBook is for you.  With a complete list of summer essentials, where to buy them, and how to style them; this eBook will make your life more fashionable and less stressful.  If you like the convenience of shopping a selection of handpicked and affordable items that match your style and different ideas on how to wear the same clothes differently, this eBook is for you!


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