Shoes That Can Dress Up And Dress Down Any Outfit


Looking stylish is the goal.  And being able to put together fashionable outfits easily is ideal. I mean, who wants to stress out anytime it comes to picking out an outfit?


Every woman needs those lifesaving pieces in their wardrobe, those pieces where you don’t have to think if it’ll work or not because it will.  Those pieces you can easily style with everything in your closet, and it’s a match. Those “when-in-doubt,” pieces when you’re struggling on what to pair something with, it’ll match.


Life.  Saving.  Pieces.


Your wardrobe basics are called “essentials,” for a reason.  If you struggle with how to put your outfits together, your basics are a necessity and the key pieces that will make it easier for you to get dressed.


Just think when you’re getting dressed and you either start second-guessing if your outfit combination looks right or can’t seem to figure out what you should add to your look to either give it a more relaxed feel or dressy touch - it would make your getting dressed process so much easy for you.


When in doubt, pair it with a basic is a motto I share with my customers and clients.


Why struggle when your basics give you that much-needed confidence boost you need to put together stylish outfits around the clothes in your closet?


If getting dressed for you involves stress or frustration, it’s time for you to get back to the basics!


Below are a selection of shoes you can add to any outfit year-round to dress it up or dress down:


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Low Heel

Mid Heel

High Heel


You may be thinking how can style this casual pair and still pull off a polished look? Or how can I create a casual look around a dressier pair of heels? To how you put together a dressy look without resorting to heels?


Shopping for new “casual” or “dressy” items isn’t the answer when you need more options.  Using your wardrobe basics is. And it doesn’t require any spending.


With your basics, because you can add them to any outfit, they also hold the power to being able to dress up and dress down any outfit.  For all those times you changed in and out of different outfits because they were either too casual or too dressy, with your basics you can easily swap out a piece or two to fix your outfit without having to waste time picking out an entirely new one.


Again: Life.  Changing. Pieces.


In my eBook, Maximizing Your Wardrobe, I teach you how to use your basics to create dressy and casual outfits around everything in your closet.  You’ll learn how to turn all of your pieces into endless outfits - with your wardrobe basics. I’ve broken down your basics - clothes, shoes, and accessories by their “intended” label, to make it easier for you to pinpoint which casual pieces you can add to dress down your look or which dressy basics to add to your look to dress it up.


Life.  Changing.  Techniques.  That’ll make it easier for you to look good with the clothes in your closet.


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