Stylish Summer Tops That Aren’t Form-Fitting

When you’re adding new pieces to your summer wardrobe, outside of them being stylish, they should also flatter your body type.  If you’re using oversized or loose fits to hide your figure or conceal specific areas, there are other ways around that.  Most of the time you’re piling on loose fits on top of loose fits, you end up with a look that doesn’t flatter.  You can pull off a polished and chic look without it feeling frumpy.


Stylish Summer Tops That Aren't Form Fitting

There are a few styling tricks to keep in mind to avoid a frumpy look:

#1: Pair an oversized top with a form-fitted bottom or a shorter hemline
#2: Avoid a loose top, bottom, layer paired with a flat outfit combination
#3: If you’re pairing two loose-fitting separates together, add height with a heel
#4 Pair a loose fitting top and layer with a shorter hemline

The 100 outfits I’ve styled in The Basics: Summer Style eBook illustrates how to pull off a put together look when wearing loose fits and layers in summer.

Below is a round-up of my picks that you can easily pair with all 100 outfits.  Having your summer basics makes it easier to add new pieces to your wardrobe and not struggle with putting together outfits around them.

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