How To Feel Confident With Your Summer Style

The warm weather is finally here! Your social calendar is filling up, but don’t panic - your style and putting together fashionable outfits, will for once, not be a struggle for you.

The style that you’re always aiming to pull off can happen.

Throughout this post, I will break down how to achieve your summer style, and feel more confident in your clothes.


How To Feel Confident With Your Summer Style


Start With Your Basics

Don’t waste away these beautiful sunny days, indoors spending hours frantically shopping for clothes, or at the mall trying to find anything or whatever you see and like.

Shopping without a strategy = a wardrobe filled with random pieces that will not be easy to mix and match with each other.  Most of the time, these pieces result in a one-time, or you are wearing the same pieces the same way.

If you want to be able to easily put together your outfits without having to switch in and out of different pieces, focus on adding your summer basics.

Your summer basics can match with everything you have making it ten times easier to mix and match your clothes, create different outfits around the same pieces, and not feel stuck wearing the same outfits.

Then you’ll find it much easier to rotate in your key pieces - statement, colors, to prints effortlessly and show off your style.

I help you add in your summer basics and the different styles that work best for you in my eBook, The Basics: Summer Style.  Through this eBook, you’ll be able to save a ton of money from wasteful shopping, conveniently be able to shop from a selection of handpicked items and learn how to coordinate your summer outfits.

Don’t waste your time indoors struggling on how to look good. This eBook is your guide.


Update your summer wardrobe:


Maximize Your Wardrobe Options

Your basics help create endless outfit options in your wardrobe. There are no limits on what you can put together.  If you want to wear your favorite top that you purchased last summer, you’ll have plenty of options through your basics.  If you want to transition pants that you bought in spring that you’re not ready to part ways with yet, you’ll have plenty of options on how to pull them off and make appropriate for the summer weather.


By adding your summer basics, the only shopping that you need to do is from within your closet.  


These pieces will keep your clothes feeling new, on-trend, and chic.


This eBook provides you with not only the summer basics, but also a breakdown of the dressy and casual clothes, shoes, and accessories, so you know how to coordinate your outfits.  Avoid getting dressed to feel your outfit is too dressy or too casual then changing into something completely different, and instead use your basics to create a different look.  This breakdown will help you pinpoint what you can add to any outfit to dress it up or dress it down.


Knowing the different clothes, shoes, and accessories that will dress up and dress down your clothes will instantly double your summer outfits.


If you’re thinking, I can be more stylish and spend less money than you have been spending - you’re absolutely correct.


This eBook guides you through building and maximizing your wardrobe.


Get Past “The Rules”

In fashion, there are no rules, limitations, or constraints on what you can wear because of your age, body type, or lifestyle.


Most of the time what’s holding you back from loving your style and feeling confident, is you thinking you can’t be stylish.  Or, there are these ‘non-existent’ rules that you shouldn’t wear those shorts because you shouldn’t show off too much leg, or you have to resort to a dull or boring style because, in your mind, that’s what’s right.


The Basics: Summer Style eBook focuses on classic styles and fits. You’re not provided with only one style, or told to pick a specific style.  It helps you pinpoint the different styles, fits, and hemlines of each summer basic that will allow you to feel confident in your clothes.


Learn how to confidently pull off any style and the different ways to coordinate your outfits and balance out a shorter hemline, a long-sleeved top, loose-fitting garments to those styles you usually avoid; such as a sleeveless top with a summer outfit guide of 100 different outfits.


There are no rules that stop you from feeling good about your look.


You can order your copy of The Basics: Summer Style eBook - here.  You’ll receive it instantly and be able to begin transforming your summer wardrobe.

If you prefer a trendier summer style, check out this eBook - here.

Or, if you prefer a classic and modern style, check out this eBook - here.

I am a busy professional who always struggles with how to put outfits together that reflected not only my personal style but take into consideration my budget and having pieces that could span seasons. I have purchased several of your eBooks and find myself going back to again and again. Each is full of tricks and tools to provide you with your own ultimate style. I am now more confident in my fashion skin thanks to your ebooks!
— Customer Testimonial