Wardrobe Additions: Yellow Accents

Every wardrobe needs a pop of color.  Color can help fix those outfits that you feel are boring, add personality to your look, allow you to create monochromatic looks, they’re an easy way to wear your favorite outfits in a different way.  A simple color can instantly transform your outfit.


From a garment, shoe to accessory, you have plenty of ways to update your wardrobe with some added color.  


When adding color to your wardrobe, there are no rules to abide by; as long as you’re able to easily mix and match with the pieces you have you can add in any color or colors you choose.  You can also select a color palette with a mix of 2-4 colors that will complement one another and your other pieces.


Yellow, is a bright and vibrant color that will work great with any summer outfit.  I’ve included this color along with, blue and red as the the three accent colors in Summer Basics Capsule Wardrobe eBook.  If wearing a bold color overwhelms you, you don’t have to completely rule them out. Instead, start small. Start by wearing one piece - a top, layer, shoe, or accessory.  The 100 outfits I styled in this eBook, will help show you how to use your basics to balance out wearing a bold color and how to mix two colors together to create a polished and chic look.


You can also shop the exact items, one of my favorite accent pieces in my summer capsule is the tailored yellow vest - so stylish! This layer can help you easily transition your outfits throughout the season and the perfect add-on to dress up or add a polished touch to any outfit.  Because all of the items included are currently available to shop now, I’d suggest, acting quick while they’re still in stock and have your sizes. Nothing feels worse than regretting to act sooner rather than later and then you end up missing out on something you really wanted.. I know we’ve all experienced that “awful” feeling.


I’ve also included a few additional yellow pieces below that aren’t included in this eBook but you’ll still be able to style them with every outfit.



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