How To Style Leggings In The Summer

Before we go any further, let's start by addressing one crucial thing: leggings are not pants.


We all love a casual and comfy style, so grabbing a pair of leggings, throwing them on and going is an easy solution especially on those days you’re in a rush.


But, again, leggings are not meant to be worn as pants.

How To Make Leggings Stylish In Summer


My rule of thumb when it comes to keeping this casual style tasteful and appropriate is wearing with a shirt that is both long enough to cover your butt and front.  I’ve seen so many women walking around wearing leggings as pants, and you can see straight through them.

If your shirt doesn’t hit at least the top of your thighs, go with a different shirt.

While this style is very casual, you can still achieve a stylish look surrounding a pair of leggings.

Below are six summer outfit ideas on how to make leggings chicer this summer:


Coral Kaftan

Oversized tops work perfectly with leggings.  If you’re uncomfortable wearing a tight-fitting bottom, this coral kaftan cover-up will allow you to feel more comfortable.  If you prefer tops that hide your stomach or arms, this a good choice.  With the statement necklace helping to draw the attention inward and up you’re taking attention area from those areas you want to hide and focusing instead on your outfit.  The statement necklace adds the right amount of pop to this coral, which accents the smaller color in the kaftan.  While this outfit includes two statement pieces, they don’t overpower your outfit.


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Floral Tunic

Dress up a pair of leggings with a printed tunic.  Accent the print with a colored accessory and then complete your outfit with more toned down pieces.


Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.12.34 PM.png

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Asymmetrical Tee

Play around with different shapes.  This yellow tee adds a little edge while the printed wrap adds and shoes add an unexpected touch to your look.  Combining a print and color doesn’t have to overwhelm your look.  With the right amount of pieces, you can balance out your statement pieces, so your outfit feels polished.  These bow slide sandals are a show-stopper, with the printed bow; not only are you combining color and print, but also mixing prints.  This look doesn’t feel too loud, right?


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Swing Tank

Casual, simple, and chic! Never underestimate how your accessories can transform a basic outfit.


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Maximize your wardrobe options and wear your shirtdress as a tunic.  You have to be able to get creative with your pieces to get more wear out of your clothes.


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T-Shirt Dress

Same as your shirtdress, turn a t-shirt dress into a tee and pair with your leggings.  While you can leave your outfit as the t-shirt dress and leggings, how you complete your look is what helps to give your outfit personality.  The tassel navy wrap, necklace, and silver sandals help to do just that.  These pieces combined have elevated a basic tee and legging combo.


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In my books, there is no such as thing as labels.  

You can turn the most basic pieces into chic wardrobe staples and dress down the dressier ones.  Your life is much more fashionable when you have the right pieces in your wardrobe.

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