Summer Dresses That Flatter Every Body Type

It may be hard to believe that one specific style can work for any figure, but when it comes to wrap dresses - they do.


Summer Dresses That Flatter Every Body Type

Let’s break down the two key reasons why this style works for any body type:

#1: V-neckline - helps to minimize a large bust, enhance a smaller bust, soften broad shoulders, and helps to draw the attention inward taking the focus away from your shoulders and arms.

#2: Wrap style - creates the illusion of curves.  If you’re looking to hide your stomach, define your waistline, or create curves; this style helps to do that.  With the flowy fabric of a wrap style dress, you don’t have to worry about this dress hugging your figure and drawing attention to areas you’re looking to conceal.


You can add this style in a short, mid, or maxi length and you can still achieve the above.


Eliminate one less fashion struggle and instead of stressing about what styles work for you or don’t, feel more confident and opt for a wrap style.


Below is a selection of wrap style dresses to update your summer wardrobe.  Using the 100 outfits I’ve laid out in The Basics: Summer Style eBook you will have plenty of ways to wear your dress differently, and how you can dress it up and dress it down.

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