How To Narrow Down Your Summer Style


As the warm weather rolls in, you start to think when do you need to add to your wardrobe, update from last season, and if you need to get rid of anything.

But what do you add? Retailers are flooded with so many stylish pieces that it’s hard to sort through the pieces that you love and the ones that you need.

Each season, I create a series of eBooks to help curate your wardrobe, handpicked items to shop and 100 different outfit ideas styling the same pieces.


The only question is - what do you prefer?


How To Narrow Down Your Summer Style


When you’re adding pieces to your wardrobe not only do you want to love them but they make sense for your day-to-day.  Because the last thing you want to do is invest in new pieces to struggle to wear them, never wear them, or wear them the same way.

While my summer eBooks provide you with your wardrobe plan for the season, you’ll also learn different ways to dress up and dress down your clothes, accessories, and shoes.

Below I break down two different summer styles to help you narrow down  your summer style:


#1: Classic Style

Do you prefer timeless pieces?
Pieces that you can easily style with everything in your closet?
Do you prefer neutral colors and prints over bold and standout colors and prints?
Do you prefer classic styles and lengths?
Do you want to add pieces that’ll be in style this season and seasons to come?
Would you rather focus on the classic styles then add in different colors and prints that you love? (because you’ll be able to style them easily)


If this sounds like you, you prefer a more classic style instead of focusing on trendy pieces.  In The Basics: Summer Style eBook I break down these classic pieces, where to shop them and how to turn them into a season worth of outfits.

Here are a few outfits from The Basics: Summer Style eBook:



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#2: Trendy Style

Do you like to have a mix of classic and trendy pieces?
Do you prefer to have a mix of different colors and prints in your wardrobe?
Do you like trying out some of the season's trends?
Do you prefer an edgier style?
Do you like to be on trend without being too trendy or feeling too junior?
Have you always wanted to try different styles but struggle with how to pull them off?
Are you tired of playing it “safe” and want to change it up a little?


If this sounds like you, you prefer a trendier summer style.  In Summer Capsule 2018 eBook, I show you how to give your summer wardrobe some edge and how to feel more confident stepping outside of your style comfort zone.

Here are a few outfits from Summer Capsule 2018 eBook:


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