Tops That Hide Your Stomach

If putting together stylish outfits isn’t already challenging, trying to figure out how to hide your stomach is an entirely different struggle.

Sticking to the same outfits or oversized fits seems to be your only solution.

Most of the time when you’re trying to conceal specific areas with oversized and loose fits, you often end up creating a frumpy look and unintentionally packing on additional pounds that don’t exist.

Tops That Hide Your Stomach


When you're styling loose and flowy fabrics, you have to consider your proportions to avoid a frumpy look.  Between adding an outer layer, the fit of your bottoms to the style show you’re wearing are all things you need to factor in when styling oversized tops.

I’ve created different outfit combinations styling loose, flowy and oversized tops in my eBook, Spring Wardrobe Basics.  This eBook teaches you how to pay attention when wearing loose fitted tops.  Trying to hide your stomach doesn’t mean to hide underneath your clothes.

You can pull off a stylish look while hiding your stomach and feel more confident!

Here are three tops included in Spring Basics eBook that'll hide your stomach:

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#1: Tee


#2: Button Up

#3: Off-The-Shoulder


And three out of the 100 outfits included in this eBook:



Spring Wardrobe Basics eBook will help you avoid trying to hide underneath your clothes and teach you how to pull off styles that best flatter your figure confidently!


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